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The Leatherman's Protocol Handbook

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The Leatherman's Protocol Handbook is the recollections of John Weal's personal leather journey since 1968.  He documents the "Old Guard" days and looks at the changes that have occurred in the decades since.  Ever wonder about protocols, positions, hand signals? Or the differences between rituals, etiquette, and protocols?  Explanations as well  copies of ceremonies including the gauntlet ceremony, several collaring ceremonies and the ultimate cover ceremony of Jeffrey Alan Payne, IML 2009 are provided.  As John Weal states:  "This book is not meant to be the bible of protocols but the documented history of my life with the "Old Guard" protocols that I personally can attest to through my journey. It will define the various leather titles and how they were achieved during those early days in "Old Guard." Much of this book has never been written about but only talked and fantasized about. Now, here is the documentation of what I lived for all to learn from. It tells of the hierarchy that once existed among the leather organizations. I discuss how to train a boy and how the "Old Guard" shows respect even to today's title holders and events. It also explains many of the military to leather protocols and compares them so all can understand how and why they existed. Since those early days of leather many things have changed. We lost so much of our history due to the HIV, HEP C and the Crystal Meth eras. For the first time we now have it all in one place with references to those early days by someone who has survived to write about it."  

Learn the three "S"s of leather life and watch how it will change your life forever!

Author: John Weal