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Hand Spankers

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  • Model: TDSSPL09
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
  • Manufactured by: The Dungeon Store

Long extended OTK not only leaves a blistered bottom but also can leave a blistered hand. Because it’s attached to your hand,  each smack hits the spot you aimed for.  This is a very stingy toy, not as stingy as a wood paddle but a lot more than a bare hand.

A loop small diameter bungee cord goes over your wrist and another for your middle finger.  The leather is thick,  slightly curved to you hand and backed up with 1/4″ foam.  There’s extra cord on the end to adjust to your comfort.  You then knot it off and trim with nail clippers.  It comes in right and left hand versions.  it’s big enough for a good spank without stinging your hand but, as you can see, small enough for your fingers to play with/grip your spankee’s butt.   Your hand only feels a bit of the impact.  It does not feel the sting.

This comes in Right and Left hand versions.  Please specify


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