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The Adult Spanking & Discipline Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide

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Governess Gemma Forbes is on of the best known spankers you've probably never heard of.  Intensely private, her expertise in the art and science of traditional, old-fashioned donestic discipline is known among the initiated the world over.  She transformed recreational pursuits into a continuously expanding trade, at whcih she was able to bring her unique brand of excitement to the lives of spanking lovers worldwide.  Her book contains essential tips, useful hints and advice for the beginner as well as the experienced spanking enthusiast.  If you've been curious about spanking, this is the book for you.  Topcs include how to begin your exploration, how to find someone to play with, how to use and even find splanking implements, how to broach the idea of inviting your significant other to join you in your play, even what to do when a spanking scene goes wrong,,, and so much more