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PEB: Resource Series - The Art of Slavery

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How much does this  slender volume  really have to offer?  After all, it's only seventy pages long.  Quite a bit, it turns out. Whereas any of the topics covered in this book could easily be fleshed out into a more complete treatment, nearly every essay is insightful and thought-provoking.

The title of this book is "Art of Slavery,"  an apt description of the book's central theme. This isn't a book about kinky sex or protocols; these are essays that focus on the mindset of the slave, her spirituality, her inner world. (Although the authors do acknowledge and respect Mistresses and male slaves, they all happen to be female slaves who are or have been owned by male Masters.) Topics covered include strength in submission, expectations of fairness, service to an imperfect Master, and the meaning of obedience and transparency. Two essays in particular, slave bethie's "Growing in Slavery" and Tina Sweet's "Slave Heaven," speak beautifully of the slave's need to feel centered and secure within her Master's ownership, and the joy of knowing she belongs to him.

Although written entirely by slaves, this is a book for their Owners as well. (In fact, slave namaste's essay "Serviculture" seems to be more relevant to the art of slaveowning than to the art of slavery.) Slaves will take comfort in knowing that the challenges they face are nothing new, while Owners will appreciate the abundant insight into the submissive mind.


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