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Plains of Busai (Erskan Chronicles) Book 4

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The Erskan Chronicles blends science-fiction to an erotic journey of dominance and submission. Plains of Busai leads the second Erskan trilogy with a fast-paced story that celebrates the courage and determination of a young female warrior against impossible odds of survival. An expansive and beautiful ocean of grasses is the backdrop for unforeseen clashes of deceit, betrayal, and tumultuous cultural upheaval in a land where protection - and sexual slavery - of the male is the paramount essence of the Plainswoman's life. As Stee of Eongin writes in the Bretilan Scrolls: We paused as four warriors rode ahead to scout for information. Pahlo was the farthest Breti village. My mind screamed against reason that somehow they had fought back and repelled the invaders. The fading clouds of smoke mocked my fruitless and desperate grasp of hope. The scouts returned as a group. The leader shook her head as she approached our position. "Report," ordered the scout leader. She dismissed the other three warriors with a glance. They returned to position, no doubt to share their observations. Then the leader brushed a strand of hair from her eyes and looked directly at me. Pahlo was a village of fifteen thousand women and a few hundred frey. "My concerns, Breti sister; there are no survivors." I blinked. Though prepared for the terrible news, my heart dropped and a gasp escaped past my lips. "None?" was the feeble reply I could barely manage. It came out as a whisper.

Author: K McVay